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A Conversation with Jason Sorens, Founder of Ethics and Economics Eduction of New England, and the Free State Project
June 07, 2015 08:22 AM PDT
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The title says most of it! Many thanks to Jason Sorens for helping to give students more chances to learn about economics and the ethical exercise of principles. We hope you will visit www.E3NE.org to find out more!

Be Seeing You!

A Tribute to Samuel Blumenfeld, 1926-2015, The Final Radio Interview
June 03, 2015 10:58 AM PDT
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Sam Blumenfeld was the single most educated man on the subject of the takeover of a formerly excellent private US education system by a statist, Prussian-styled, progressive system. He championed phonetic reading, and uncovered the disastrous effects and pernicious motives behind the "look-say"/"sight-word" method of reading pushed by govt schools. Sam also researched and wrote a book about the evidence supporting the thesis that the plays attributed to William Shakespeare were actually written by Christopher Marlowe, who did NOT die outside a pub in England, but lived out his life on Corsica, as a paid employee of the Queen. Fascinating, evidence-backed publications, speeches, and conversations. Sam also understood free market economics, and wrote numerous articles on a wide range of topics. He was a man of peace and kindness, and he was a hero for thousands of kids whose reading skills improved thanks to his work in promotion of phonics! Rest in peace, good man! We hope you will look for Sam's books, such as "The Marlow Shakespeare Connection", "Is Public Education Necessary?", "NEA: Trojan Horse of American Education", "Alpha-Phonics" and more. Also, please look for his speeches on Youtube! His latest book was released in March, and is entitled, "Crimes of the Educators". In this production, we feature his last interview, in which he discusses the book. Thanks for listening! Please spread the word about individual liberty and its key component: free markets! Be Seeing You!

For Religious, Agnostic, Atheists: Was Christ Pro-State, or An Anarchist?
April 19, 2015 03:18 PM PDT
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The title says a lot. smiley This program, recorded on Easter, 2015, is for those who might say they are believers in the Christian religion (whichever kind of Christian they might be), for those who are uncertain of Jesus's position as a messiah, and those who deny any supernatural aspect to the universe. In the production, we explore a debate in which many people (religious, Christian, non-religious, etc) have engaged: Whether Jesus, the historical figure, was pro-state, or, if it's possible to make the claim that he was an anarchist. Provocative and fascinating. We hope you like the program! In it, we feature great music by Big Dipper, "Easter Eve", and "Ron Klaus Wrecked His House"!

Notes! If you would like to get a copy of Darryl Perry's book, "The Anarcho Teachings of Yeshua", here's the link! http://www.amazon.com/Anarcho-Teachings-Yeshua-Darryl-Perry/dp/0984203729/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1429504027&sr=8-1&keywords=the+anarcho+teachings+of+yeshua

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 3-2-15 - What Many Don't Know About Achievements of Leonard Nimoy, Character of Spock, and Importance of Star Trek
March 02, 2015 06:06 PM PST
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In this production, Gardner Goldsmith, a man who spent some of his own time working in the world of Star Trek (Voyager), discusses some of the unknown history of Leonard Nimoy, the breakthrough of his role as Spock on a breakthrough television series that helped change society even as it reflected changes in society, and talks to others about the legacy of Nimoy's work both in and out of his most famous role. Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy. Leonard Nimoy was born on March 26, 1931, and died on February 27, 2015.

Liberty Conspiracy - 1-6-15 - Libertarians Were Right: Federal Auto Bailout LOSES CASH, FBI Claims It's FINE to Post Cell Towers + Spy, NYPD Work "Slow-Down" Shows the Majority of its Work Is Shakedown, Utah Govt Wants State Land Back from Feds
January 06, 2015 05:52 PM PST
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So much in this program. The title says a lot. If you would like further information about how we have been telling the truth re the auto bailout(s), you can hit our Podomatic or Itunes Libraries. Here are some links for you, going back three-and-a-half years: http://libertyconspiracy.podomatic.com/entry/2013-12-18T09_02_59-08_00

Here's one of our pods from 2012 that also covers this: http://libertyconspiracy.podomatic.com/entry/2012-12-22T21_12_32-08_00

And an even earlier one from 2012 (we started covering this in 2008) http://libertyconspiracy.podomatic.com/entry/2012-07-18T11_49_31-07_00

Gotta fly? Take us with you! These pods are made to be portable productions for liberty, so take us along! And tell folks you dig what we're doing!

Music in this production includes: "Bad Life", by Public Image Limited, "Baddest of the Bad" by the Reverend Horton Heat, "Love Song", "Rabid" and "Wait For the Blackout" by the MIGHTY DAMNED!

Want more on the bands?


See them play live!!

Gard Goldsmith on Twitter is @gardgoldsmith

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 12-15-14 Debating the Morality of State-Funded Torture for Supposed 'Noble' Goals
December 15, 2014 03:57 PM PST
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Thanks for finding the Conspiracy for Liberty! We are a growing group of people dedicated to spreading, propagating and deepening the understanding of freedom in all its facets! In this program, we give you a spontaneous debate brought to Gardner Goldsmith by listener Witt (James). Witt posed some provocative questions about what Gard would do if her were in charge of a "unit" that had captured a Nazi like Himmler. Witt poses a hypothetical to support state-sponsored torture, while Gard uses his position to reveal how such a position would allow the state to force people to pay for torture, and if they did not want to pay, to threaten them with the very violence the Nazis used against their enemies: the threat of, and carrying out of physical violence and possible death.

Music in this production is: "Killing Allin", by The Hellacopters, "Little Victories" by The Horrors, and "Repo Man", by Iggy Pop.

Follow Gard on Twitter @gardgoldsmith ! - Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 12-9-14 - Pop Media Tries to Frame Perception of "Torture Report" and Cover-Up Obama Admin Support of Torture
December 09, 2014 03:13 PM PST
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The title says it all.

There is a lot of worthwhile information here, including a reading of President Oabama's own words from Jan of 2009 as he obfuscated and lied by omission on the question of whether he would continue "rendition" treatment of "enemy combatants" as the feds unconstitutionally call those US forces and allies capture in the undeclared "war" that is really an illegal series of military operations. Gardner Goldsmith goes back to the early days of the O admin and shows how the pop media is covering for him.

Music includes: "Should God Forget", and "Entertain Me" by the Psychedelic Furs, as well as the full cut of "Beat My Guest", by Adam and the Ants (an appropriate song when talking about torture)...

Find Gardner on Twitter: @gardgoldsmith

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 12-3-14 - What IS the PetroDollar? Why Is The US Overthrowing Nations That Stop Using It?
December 03, 2014 04:01 PM PST
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The title speaks for itself! In this production, we offer background information on the history of he so-called "PetroDollar", when the US Dollar was supposedly linked to the OPEC nations like Saudi Arabia, and why, and why nation states that have governments moving away from the US Dollar are being overthrown (that's nations like Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine).

Hope you like the information offered and that it will serve as intellectual ammunition for spreading the word about freedom and free markets being one and the same!

Music in this production includes "Invaders Must Die!" and "Spitfire", by The Prodigy, as well as "Dizzy" by Stockholm's Demons!

Follow Gardner Goldsmith on twitter @gardgoldsmith smiley Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 11-5-14 - The Conspiracy on Why Licensing Laws to Do Business Are Immoral and Hurt the Poor
November 05, 2014 07:35 PM PST
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The city of Los Angeles is being asked by entrenched cab businesses to foist expensive licensing laws on people who use Uber and Lyft to offer rides to paying customers. Using this story, Gardner Goldsmith, MikeArchy and Gerald discuss how pernicious licensing laws are, what they do to potential competition, and how that hurts consumers and other potential businesses that could have received business if those consumers had been able to save money and spent what they wanted where they wanted! Hope you like the program, and if you do, that you'll slap it down on a friend's Facebook page or Twitter or whatever new-fangled interwebby invention comes along in the next few seconds!

Music in this show is "Inertia Creeps" by Massive Attack, and "The Witch" by The Cult. This version of "The Witch" is the hard-to-find FULL version, with the great guitar solo, funky "D-wup" sound and great drum beat, "Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-bam." See? winking This version is also unavailable on Youtube now. It keeps getting yanked because it was on the soundtrack for the movie "Cool World" (and was the best thing in the flick)!

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 11-2-14 - What Hillary Clinton Didn't Tell People When She Claimed 'Businesses Don't Create Jobs" - A Libertarian Logical Economic and Historical Refutation
November 02, 2014 12:45 PM PST
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The title says it all! We hope you like this production, in which we feature the words of Mrs. Clinton, and are ably assisted by Mike (@Mikearchy on Twitter) on this analysis. Spread the word! This one might be something to help educate people about economics!

Music in this production includes "Loose", a bit of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and all of "I Got A Right", by Iggy and The Stooges!

Tell your friends! The moral principle of leaving one's neighbor alone is worth supporting, right?! smiley Be Seeing You!

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