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Liberty Conspiracy - 3-31-14 Turkish False Flag Attack Plans, Gun Rights, and Guest Kristin Tate on Massachusetts Govt Kidnapping a 15 Yr Old Girl
March 31, 2014 05:51 PM PDT
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Big thanks to you for grabbing this portable production for liberty, and to our guest, the inimitable Kristin Tate. In this program, Gardner Goldsmith covers the revelation that Turkish authorities were caught plotting false flag attacks as justifications to start war against Syria, and he explains how the story has been whitewashed by US and UK pop media. We hear news about government courts v gun rights, and then, we welcome our guest, Kristin Tate. Kristin is making a name for herself by sticking to the principles of individual liberty and peace, and she has been doing excellent reporting for Ben Swann ( and Breitbart ( You can find her website at and follow her work on Twitter here:

Many thanks to Ms. Tate and to you for favoring freedom... We hope you'll visit her site!

Music in this production includes The Horrors "Who Can Say", some edited cuts from Killing Joke and Love Spit Love (with audio from the libertarian TV series "The Prisoner"), some edited pieces from WIRE and The Cynics, Iggy and the Stooges ("I Wanna Be Your Dog") and The Cult ("Phoenix" - which is based on the riff from "I Wanna Be Your Dog"). We conclude with The Horrors "Sea Within a Sea", a great song with a lot to say about taking chances in life.

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 3-28-14 On the Towering Hypocrisy of Feinstein, Pelosi, More Re: 4th Amendment and Spying
March 28, 2014 01:50 PM PDT
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The title says it all! Lots of good information in here about their double standards (with audio evidence of said hypocrisy), and background on the FISA Courts vs the 4th Amendment!

Music: minimal in this one. We open with Cheap Trick, of course, and their great song "Dream Police", and use some music from the Demons (Stockholm) and Girls Against Boys between segments, and close with The Fatima Mansions "Loyalizer"!

Hope you like! Watch for our video news updates soon, and our upcoming long-term project: a series on the history of free market trade, political freedom movements, and how freedom betters lives!

Be Seeing You!

Spread the word about our pods! We'd love to engage more people with the ideas of liberty!

Liberty Conspiracy - 3-26-14 - Special Guest Richard Christian Matheson on Writing Prose, Scripts, and On Exploring the Supernatural
March 26, 2014 12:25 PM PDT
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Welcome back to the podcast version of the program! In this production, we offer an hour long conversation with author Richard Christian Matheson. RC is well known for both his prose and television script writing, and now we get the opportunity to talk to him about his work, how he developed his styles in both fields, and his newest book, the novella "The Ritual of Illusion", available here:

Many thanks to RC for chatting with Gardner Goldsmith, and to you for finding our productions! Spread the word! We'd love to know that more people are enjoying the information and insights people like RC have to offer!

Visit our website any time. We're at

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 3-10-14 On the Return of Cosmos! With Guest, Malcolm
March 10, 2014 06:33 PM PDT
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Welcome back to the Conspiracy for intellectual freedom! In this program, Gardner Goldsmith and Malcolm welcome you AND the new, continuation of Cosmos!

We hope you like this special production, which includes segments from the first series, segments from the second, and music such as Blue Man Group's "Opening Mandelbrot", "Alpha", "Heaven and Hell" by Vangelis, "Who Can Say" by the Horrors, "Entends-tu les Chiens Aboyer" by Vangelis, and a nice cut called "Monsters of Science" by Symphony of Science, that leads us into "Sea within a Sea" by The Horrors!

Visit us at!

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 3-4-14 On Mt. Gox Bankruptcy, Bad WSJ Reporting, Claims by Eliz Warren & Others That Regulation Stops Bank Failures
March 04, 2014 05:01 PM PST
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Lots-a information in this here production, amigos y amigas. We think you'll like it. We begin by reading a report on the Mt. Gox Bitcoin theft and subsequent bankruptcy, and while reading it, we observe an opinion inserted by the reporters that indicates their belief that central banking and "regulation" are things to be lauded, that with them come stability and "bailouts". Interesting combination there. From that point, we discuss the claims made by a politician named Elizabeth Warren (Senate from Mass) that things like the so-called "Glass-Steagall" kept the banking industry stable for decades, and that the lifting of this unconstitutional and immoral law somehow brought about the 2008 bank failures in the US.

We also discuss many of the bad policies of the 1920'3, '30's and '40's that led to and prolonged the Great Depression. We have a lot of intellectual information here for you! Hope you like it and spread the word to those who try to debate you about economics and freedom!

Music in this show includes Danko Jones: "Samuel Sin" and "The Finger", a little Killing Joke "War Dance" (just a bit), and Time Zone's "World Destruction"! Visit us at!

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - Prejudice, the State, and Rights: Arizona As A Lesson
February 25, 2014 04:31 PM PST
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Greetings! In this program, the Liberty Conspiracy explores the recent furor over an Arizona Senate bill that has recently been passed. It would allow business owners to file for protection against discrimination lawsuits. The business owners would have to reach a very "high" standard of proof that they are experiencing religious conflicts if they serve particular minorities. Keeping in mind that each person is a minority of one, we address many of the points that are being missed in this debate. On one side we see folks who seem to believe they are promoting individuality and openness, fairness and equality as they oppose the bill. On the other are... who?

As folks who support the principle of self-ownership and the right to the fruits of one's labor and the abilities one has in one's own body, we look at this story and see that the concept of private property is being overlooked, as are many other principles that are very important to remember.

Music in this production includes: Devo "Uncontrollable Urge", The Demons "I'll Make You Sorry", Dogmatics "Sister Serena", Gang Green "Alcohol", and The Short Fuses "Beneath the City of the Guitar Vixons" (sic)

Visit us at and spread the word about this pod if you have the opportunity! Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 2-22-14 - Guest Stephen M. Smith on The Jones Act, Rock Salt Shipments, and the Folly of Economic Protectionism
February 22, 2014 12:30 PM PST
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Welcome back! Great thoughts from Stephen Smith are featured in this podcast, and we would like to thank Stephen for his work and his time chatting with us on the show! In this program, Stephen discusses (as the title indicates) the story BEHIND a holdup of rock salt at a Maine port. He explains that the problem goes back to a 1920 federal law, and what was behind that law. Given the forces that pushed for the law to pass, what economic lessons can we uncover?

GREAT work by Stephen! Visit his site (and see the article on this subject) here! Pass it on to those learning about economics!

Thanks for listening! We hope we are expanding the understanding of freedom in all its facets! Spread the word about our pods, and visit us at the Liberty Conspiracy site!

Music in this production includes The Prodigy, "Stand Up", "Omen", and "Piranha" -- Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 2-14-14 NSA Spying Leads to Drone-Killing of Innocent People, A History of Gun Registration and Genocide
February 14, 2014 11:18 AM PST
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The title says a lot, and we hope you like the program! In this one, Gardner Goldsmith looks at the recent revelation that the NSA meta-data program was used to kill innocent people overseas, and he and Furb discuss the history of gun registration, confiscation and genocide. You can decide for yourself if those who were stripped of their firearms might have had higher chances of survival if they had kept them.

Music includes Grinderman "Honey Bee", Public Enemy "You're Gonna get Yours" and "Sophisticated Bitch", Parov Stellar "Booty Swing" (Parov is part of the Electro-Swing movement. Good stuff!), The Prodigy "Run With the Wolves", and "Stand Up" (with a little sound from Eric Holder mixed in!).

Join us at and spread the word about the pods! We greatly appreciate that!

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 2-4-14 On Nullification - Both Constitutional and Personal
February 04, 2014 02:29 PM PST
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Welcome back! In this special program, we expand on our discussion of nullification, looking at it from an historical POV, a Constitutional POV, and in a broader moral sense -- personal nullification. Gardner Goldsmith delves into the history of nullification in the US, the ability of the federal branches to nullify each branch, the ability of states to nullify, and the ability of citizens on juries to nullify. Then he takes it further, looking at why leftists are so afraid of state nullification -- because it can logically lead to personal nullification of the state. That freaks many of them out when it doesn't agree with their policy agendas.
That and music from The Golden Palominos "The Animal Speaks" (Lydon on vocals) and The New Bomb Turks ("Grandpa Atomic", "Dented and Spent" and "Girl Can Help It")!!!

Spread the word if you can! Link to our audios, find Gard on twitter (@gardgoldsmith) and visit any time!

For a lex Malla lex nulla tee (we have no association, I just found it to offer you the chance to get one) go here:

Be Seeing You!

Liberty Conspiracy - 2-1-14 Guest Stephen M. Smith Discusses Noticeable Trend: Pop Media Attacks on Libertarianism
February 01, 2014 12:33 PM PST
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Welcome back to the Conspiracy!

In this production El G Grande doffs his cap to the mighty Stephen M. Smith, whose excellent blogs at the former Beginner's Guide to Freedom site were remarkable for their clarity and insight. Stephen's been a great friend to the Conspiracy, and this time, he and Gard talk about what seems to be a growing trend: Pop Media attacks on libertarians and libertarianism itself. You might have noticed the same. In fact, your own stories to contribute!

We hope you enjoy this show. Many, MANY thanks to Stephen for his time and ideas! Good stuff, Stephen! Music is this pod is brief, including The Cynics "Turn Me Loose" and The Psychedelic Furs "Only You and I".

Visit us at We'd enjoy hearing your thoughts!

Be Seeing You!

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